Wednesday, 27 July 2011

10 Reasons Why I Love My New Phone

1. The many free photography apps.
I can take photos that look like they were taken with a pinhole camera and then adorn them with cute little icons. My favourite discovery so far is Retro Camera, with 6 'cameras' to choose from.
2. HeyTell.
Need I say more? This nifty little app allows me to send voice messages to friends all over the globe at the push of a button, not to mention it's free to download and use.
3. Social networking.
Because of this baby I'm never more than a finger tip from a quick chat. My internet presence must have increased hundred-fold since I booted this baby up on Monday night.
4. I'm never bored.
I am the proud owner of an android phone, and as such I have the power to download ad many apps as I want, whenever and wherever I want (provided I have signal).
5. I have a camera!
I know I mentioned photography, but I forgot to mention the benefits of actually having a camera for the first time in over a year. No more missing out on great photo opportunities, if I see stomething fun or interesting, I can snap a pic there and then (which would have been handy when I spotted that phallic cloud). I can also document days when I feel particularly pretty.
6. I don't have to put up with my old phone.
Ah, the old Sony Ericsson J100i, with its loud, angry vibrate setting that was reminiscent of a viscous wasp. It had its down sides, but at the end of the day it was a phone with personality. True to form, like a thwarted lover, it stopped acting up and proclaimed "I'll change, I swear!" the minute my new phone arrived.
There's a handy Blogger app for Android that means I can now blog on the go, as soon as the mood hits..
8. Barrr
My favourite free game so far. Run a pirate bar and ensure you get all your pirate customers to their correct station. Unfortunately there are only 10 levels, so not much play time, though one of those levels is called 'Guybrush's Locker', a shout out to the best sea-faring game that ever there was, yarrgh!
9. Flashlight.
How many people can sympathize here? You're on your way to bed, hit the light and BAM! You're navigating the stairs in the dark, wishing you had a bloody torch. It's a situation I find myself in every night, and one I have to repeat if I need to go to the loo in the middle of the night because there's something wrong with the upstairs lights. Now I can significantly lower the risk of death by using my flashlight app. :)
10. It's upped my cool factor.
Yeah, not really, but it's true that I no longer feel that all too familiar wash of shame come over me when removing my phone from my pocket in public.
And let's not forget that you, the readers, will also benefit from my decision to upgrade due to a greater post frequency and more aesthetically pleasing blog. Now now, no need to thank me.


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