Saturday, 16 July 2011

Who Do You Think You Are?

Ah, a delightful summer's day; children are playing, birds are singing and after a week of sunshine, the heavens have opened. And it is on such a day as this that the ice cream man decided to pay a visit (I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream - even when it's pissing down outside). Cue childlike excitement from myself and Abbie followed by the undertaking of a mad dash up the street by her brother Ryan and I (me in my pjs, natch, because "What's the point in getting dressed when I'll not be going anywhere?") to find ourselves some frozen treats.

After ordering, with me getting all over excited and asking for "EVERYTHING. LOTSANDLOTS OF EVERYTHING" on my screwball, Ryan made some hilarious quip about being unable to take me anywhere and wouldn't you look at me in my pjs, and the ice cream man remarked that he felt as though he were in Belfast. Well, my reply was "Well, I am from Belfast ahahah"...
Incoming message for Robyn, you're from Chester, you're a Cestrian, you need to stop confusing yourself and those around you by identifying yourself as a Norn Ironer, so you do.

Seriously though, how weird is it going to be when I *eventually* get to Chester? I won't know who I am anymore. I've spent my entire teenage life in Belfast. The years where I form my identity. For seven years I've been the English girl who talks funny, but essentially I've become a Belfastian who talks funny. How will I be seen by others when I'm in Chester? "That Irish girl who talks funny"?

I'll have to find some Northern Irish friends when I get over there, I'll surely be lost without the camaraderie of taking the mick out of Jim on Corrie and the infestation of "Belfast" folk in Hollyoaks.

I'm sure it will take a couple of confusing months to adjust and not feel totally confused about who I am and where I'm from, but it's not the end of the world. Sure, if it's not my cup of tea I can always move back, so I can.

I ramble too much, so I do.

It's time to end this post, so it is.


Raelyan said...

You'll be alright so you will X3

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