Monday, 11 July 2011

Limitless Love

My first time with my new love is not easily forgotten, for I was in fact waiting to see my first love when they revealed themselves to me, and thus was blind to their charms, unaware of all that they had to offer.

I am, of course, talking about my first encounter with Tinpan Orange. They were playing through their set, supporting The Cat Empire. I was too excited at the prospect of seeing the latter, too amazed by the fact that two of the band members were standing right behind me, to notice how pleasant the band performing upon the stage in front of me were.

It actually wasn't until two months later, as I sat bored in my dad's house, that I remembered them and registered the fact that I had enjoyed them somewhat, leading to me looking them up on YouTube. Well, my God, it was like being reunited with a particularly intimate old friend. Everything singer Emily Lubitz spoke of directly mirrored something that I was feeling at that time, but it was formed in a beautifully poetic, melodic way, the likes of which I could never achieve. The music itself felt like a gentle caress, warm and comforting, though at the same time haunting.

To this day, Tinpan Orange still have that same effect on me, warming whilst chilling, curling through my ears and cocooning  my brain with its allure. It is music that is fitting to both sunshine and snow, love and sorrow. This is my soul band, if such a thing can exist, and I definitely recommend if you're a fan of all things pretty (and possibly tea shops, antiques, nude colours and floral prints). It's the kind of music I imagine little fairy people would listen to.

Tinpan Orange - Lovely

I succeeded in embedding, I feel a renewed vigour for life.


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